Determine why you would like to buy a watch

Question yourself – Is this watch going to be for a special occasion or everyday wear? Are you getting it just to tell the time or a fashion statement? Perhaps you want to wear it to impress… One of the main aspects to consider when choosing your watch is knowing what the role of your new watch will be. This step is the best place to start as it helps deciding on the other details of the watch a lot easier later on.


When deciding what type of watch you should buy you need to take your lifestyle into consideration. For example, if you were a gardener and wanted an everyday watch, you shouldn’t choose a metal strap as it could get scratched easily. However, you may want this type of watch to wear for special occasions or not have a hands on job, therefore the material of the watch wouldn’t matter as much.

Make a list of what you are looking for

Making a list of what you are looking for in your perfect watch will help you determine the different watches that are suitable for you. For example, would you want it to be waterproof? Will you need to read the time in the dark? What is your budget? This all helps in deciding what watch is for you. If you are looking for the perfect watch for you, you must take time into looking at the particular watches that suit your needs so that when you make your final decision you will not regret it. It will also help to try on many different types of watches to see what shapes and sizes suit you.


A great tip when planning what watch to buy is research. This will allow you to understand all the different aspects of the watches you may be interested in and if there are any flaws in the design that would not suit you. Research could also result in you finding a watch that is the perfect match for you and there may be nothing you would change.


This is a large aspect in choosing a watch. Watches can widely range in price, so, deciding on your budget can help you eliminate looking at anything that may be too expensive or way below your price range.

The Strap

When deciding on your watch you need to choose what material you would like your strap to be and what would suit you best. Would you choose a metal Such as steel/Gold/silver? These straps are have become extremely popular recently as they stand out, are very fashionable and extremely long lasting. Or on the other hand, you may be interested in getting a leather strap. These will give you a wide range in texture and colour, as well as being extremely comfortable. However, you also need to take into consideration the disadvantages of both straps, as metal can sometimes be easily scratched and the leather may wear and tear.

Deciding on a watch that is perfect for you can be extremely difficult. However, with these simple tips to take into consideration you can start to get an image into your head of what you are looking for. Here at Watch Agency we can source any specific watch you may be looking for at the lowest price possible. And even better… we offer a large range of bespoke custom watch services. Whether you require dial replacements, PVD/DLC coating to diamond incrusting. Our specialist team can help you achieve the custom finish you desire for your perfect watch.