The Deep Blue

Tucked into the westernmost-corner of the Pacific Ocean’s ring of fire, between the jungles of Indonesia and beaches of the Philippines, lies the very deepest part of the world’s oceans. The Mariana Trench, and more specifically, Challenger Deep, which is almost 7 miles below the sea’s surface. In fact, Challenger Deep cuts so far toward the Earth’s core that if you were to situate Mt. Everest on the sea floor, there would be 1.3 miles of water still above it before you reached the surface. This unimaginable dark place, where unknown creatures and environments have been left undisturbed for millennia, was explored for the first time by film director and oceanographer, James Cameron, on 26th March 2012. Travelling alongside him was the finest deep sea diver’s watch Rolex has produced to date: the Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue.

The Deep Blue Rolex Engineered to Perfection

Lightweight, nitrogen-alloyed and almost indestructible, the D-Blue is capable of not only remaining waterproof up to 3,900 metres, but is also resistant to loads of up to 13.6 tonnes. It is by far the most over-engineered of Rolex’s diving watches to date, and is the quintessential expression of their commitment to exploring worlds and kingdoms unknown. The iconic helium escape valve, now tested in hyperbaric vacuum, compression and condensation simulators, prevents even a hint of moisture from gathering within the grade five titanium case. This particular addition to Rolex’s diving watch range includes the engraved Triplock winding crown with its patented triple waterproofing system; in this system, 10 different elements combine to bond as tightly against the Oyster case as a hatch to one of Cameron’s submarines.


The Design of the Deep Blue Rolex

Aesthetically, the azure-into-black gradient invokes imagery of the deep oceans. The domed crystal face is 5 mm-thick, and made from scratch-resistant sapphire, while each of the unidirectional rotatable cerachrom bezels take 40 hours to construct. To adapt to the watery depths it was designed to venture to, the Rolex D-Blue has emulated the bio-luminescent creatures that live there. Its innovative Chromalight display on the dial enables the watch to be read in the darkest of environments, with its distinctive blue light lasting for up to eight hours. The triangular zero marker also contains the same luminescent material, making it equally visible in the dark reaches of the ocean.

How Unique is the Deep Blue Rolex?

Keen observers of the Rolex brand, and especially those interested in their diving models, will note that this product and its unique launch is a step away from tradition. Never before has a Rolex featured a gradient blue face, nor has a product ever been launched outside of the usual Baselworld schedule. However, for an expedition as groundbreaking and adventurous as James Cameron’s, there was no other watch suitable for the mission, nor was there a better way to celebrate the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into producing a Rolex diver’s watch. So, the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue was born. It will be a long time before any watchmaker, including Rolex, is able to compete with the structural integrity, aesthetic quality and immense style of this incredible timepiece.