In early 2013 Rolex became a global partner of Formula 1. Since the late 1950’s this prestigious brand has been a partner of the Daytona International Speedway in Florida. In the year 1963, it would lend its name to the masterpiece chronograph Rolex created in mind for racing drivers, the Cosmograph Daytona. It has a legendary tachymetric scale that allows you to determine the speed of a vehicle over 1 mile or kilometre. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona was designed to be the ideal instrument for measuring elapsed time and calculating average speeds on the most perfect, legible and beautiful display.

For over 25 years since the introduction of the first automatic Daytona, people from all over the world have attempted to gain hold of this timepiece, and it’s easy to see why. The Daytona Rolex watch is inseparable from the fabric of contemporary culture itself. The attention to detail is remarkably incredible. The perfect embodiment of Rolex’s pristine manufacturing autonomy. Each and every part of the Daytona Rolex watch is manufactured in house by Rolex in Switzerland. Few exceptional personalities embody the brand’s values so completely as Swiss’ number one, Roger Federer. This particular Champion sums up Rolex and the Daytona in two words, excellence and elegance.


The Daytona Rolex watch is a blend of technological innovation and fresh aesthetics. All of the 2013 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona models are known for their precision and are a magnificent reinterpretation of some of the brands legendary watches. The aesthetic design of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona has been perfectly mastered with its screw down pushes on each side of the crown that are counter balanced by the slightly wider lugs on the opposite side of the case. The Daytona’s case is crafted from a solid block of either Steel, Gold or Platinum which are considered the most precious of metals.

The overall design on the face of the Daytona Rolex watch consists of five circles, three for each of the counters, one for the dial, and one for the wonderfully precise tachymetric scale. A complete union of circles converged to create one of the most harmonious and incredible sports chronographs created.

The original layout of the Daytona Rolex watch dial with three contrasting colours is instantly recognisable and, through watch designers across the world have tried to surpass the extreme beauty of this design, all have failed miserably. The Daytona Rolex watch is equipped with a self-winding chronograph movement, all manufactured in house. This self-winding movement is of high performance and sets a new standard for luxury self-winding chronographs in terms of reliability, precision and ease of maintenance. It also includes a traversing balance bridge on both sides to improve resistance to any shocks or vibrations. Another aspect of the Daytona that improves resistance to any disturbances is the Parachrom Hairspring, it is insensitive to magnetic fields, temperature variations and is completely unaffected by the thousands of small shocks a watch is subjected to in daily wear, making the Daytona Rolex watch pure excellence.