Cleaning and servicing your watch

Todays luxury timepieces are a significant investment, like cars, these finely built mechanical marvels require regular maintenance to enhance their performance and preserve their value. Owning such brands as Rolex, Omega, Breitling or Cartier is something to be treasured and nurtured. One should make sure that it is well maintained and serviced regularly.

Many neglect routine watch servicing most commonly because they don’t know that it’s necessary. Watches ticking or keeping good time do not mean that all is always as it should be and due to strong mainsprings, watches can continue to keep operating even with little or no lubrication and similar with a car, can turn out to be a costly repair. A typical watch consists of over 200 parts working together and day to day movement of these parts causes friction. The oils and greases used for watch lubrication overtime can break down, or dry up which can affect the accuracy of your watch, causing damage to the movement’s tiny parts.

wr2 - Cleaning and servicing your watch

Watch servicing is recommended every 3-5 years as a guide. Dependent of course on how often you wear the watch and how you store it when it is not in use. Watches regular exposed to water should be nearer to 3 years. A routine watch service focuses on cleaning, lubricating and adjusting, all of which are important in assuring accuracy and reliability with your watch. Once the case-back is opened, however, the watchmaker may also find other problems that need addressing. A good watchmaker should fully dissemble the movement and clean with the correct cleaning and rinse solution in an ultrasonic machine using only the type and amount of lubricants that the factory recommends.

wr1 - Cleaning and servicing your watch

Costing is dependant on the amount of time it takes to service the watch, the condition, the make and the model and whether it needs any replacement parts. It is always advisable to take your watch into the company that are going to be carrying out the work to get a quote and advice on what is needed. If parts need replacing then ask them to agree a price before continuing.

wr3 - Cleaning and servicing your watch

In between servicing there are steps you can take to keep your watch looking its best on the outside. Have you ever sat and thought just how much dirt and bacteria may be on your watch? We change our underwear, clean our teeth and wash daily but one thing we overlook is our wrist wear.  Sweat, skin particles, creams, make-up, fake tan and daily pollution all plays a part in a build up of grime and bacteria on our watches ­­affecting not only the appearance but also the function. Basic daily maintenance can be carried out before your jewellery feels, or smells like it needs it.


Caring for your Rolex
You can help preserve your watch’s lustre by cleaning it occasionally with a cloth. You can also wash the case and metal bracelet from time to time using soapy water and a soft brush (not for leather straps). Water is the natural element for a Rolex with a metal bracelet. Rolex Oyster technology offers water resistance up to 300 meters in most models so the wearer does not have to worry about water damage when washing. It is not recommended that the watch get wet if it is not waterproof.

The following are important steps and tips to take when cleaning the watch.

  1. Wash hands to remove any dirt and oil.
  2. Ensure the winding crown is tightly screwed into the case to ensure no water is able to penetrate the interior of the watch.
  3. Use lukewarm water to rinse the watch to remove any loose particles and then use ammonia free, mild soap to gently wash the exterior of the watch using your hands. This process is not suitable for leather straps.
  4. Utilise a tool, such as an old soft toothbrush as this can ensure dirt is removed from all crevices, especially between bracelet links.
  5. To properly dry use a soft, clean cloth to gently pat the watch. A hair dryer set on low and cool can also be used to dry hard-to-reach places on the watch, such as in between links.
  6. Don’t attempt to polish your watch and only use certified repair centre for this.
    If you see any sign or water or condensation under the crystal, take your watch in for repair immediately.


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