Cleaning and servicing your watch

Todays luxury timepieces are a significant investment, like cars, these finely built mechanical marvels require regular maintenance to enhance their performance and preserve their value. Owning such brands as Rolex, Omega, Breitling or Cartier is something to be treasured and nurtured. One should make sure that it is well maintained and serviced regularly. Many neglect […]

Our top three Cartier timepieces…….

Cartier is one of the most influential and recognisable brands in the industry and has a long history of producing classic and timeless watches. Cartier has always been elegant with creating signature watches for men and women that combine form and function effortlessly. Louis-François Cartier founded Cartier in Paris in 1847 when he took over […]

Conquering the deepest depths in style

With our top three diving watches……… A diving watch is a watch designed for underwater diving that features, as a minimum, a water resistance greater than 330 feet. The typical diver’s watch will have a water resistance of around 200 to 300 meters – 660 to 980 feet, though modern technology allows the creation of diving watches that can go much […]

The RolexDatejust

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust is the modern archetype of the classic watch, thanks to aesthetics and functions that transcend changes in fashion. Launched in 1945 it was the first wrist watch with an automatically changing date function. The Datejust has spanned eras, while retaining the enduring codes that make it, notably in its traditional versions, one of the most recognised […]

The Royals and their watches

The British Monarchy – the only family to be followed more than the Kardashian’s and the Beckham’s together. The original Over the years the Royals have been the subject of films, documentaries, countless column inches and series. Fairytale. Drama. Fantasy. It is definitely safe to say they are accustomed to a luxury timepiece or two, […]